Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Day The World Stopped

I have gone through my day and my thoughts have been on the thing that happened 9 years ago, that thing that somehow no one really wants to mention by name.  Too painful still.  I remember that my husband and I were together that day, and we watched in dismay and disbelief.  I remember my husband's tears, because he doesn't cry often.  I remember that we knelt in prayer for our country, for the people that were in pain, for the families of the victims, and for our own grief.  It seemed so incomprehensible that a city as great as New York, New York could be infiltrated in any way and such an act of terror performed.  It hurt so bad!  It still hurts.  And now, instead of peace and honor to the victims, we are still arguing about whether or not a mosque should go up near there.  It may not have been an issue if something else had been put up.  Just a simple memorial, nothing fancy, would have been great.  We understand, not a lot of money left after such a catastrophe.  I would have been OK with something simple.  The people would have made it amazing.  Now we need to suck it up and allow the towers to be replaced by what some feel is the very excuse the terrorists used to destroy two American iconic symbols and the lives who lived and worked within.  I don't know what is right.  But I pray that we will have courage to be and do what our founding fathers envisioned for this country.  God Bless America!

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