Friday, August 6, 2010

Twitter Happenings This Weekend!

Since I'm a newcomer to the Twitter scene and barely up and running in the blog world sans one single blog convention, it has just come to my attention that one of the biggest Blog Conventions around is happening sometime soon in NYC.  I probably should have known about it before just a couple of weeks ago, but, like I said, I'm a newbie.  Anybody who is anyone in the blogosphere should be there. To generate hype about this is the BlogHer10 Twitter party happening right now!  I, unfortunately (or fortunately...however you want to look at it) will not be attending said Twitter Party or Convention. 

There are others, as well, who are feeling the relief regret that they will not be attending Blogher in any of its forms, what with all the Swag, Socializing, Blogher10 Celebrity Sightings, and apparently some blog education thrown in, as well.

Enter #HomeHer10 Twitter Party Extravaganza--For those who do not have the exclusive invite to the "other" Twitter party, but still want to feel validated as a blogger, twitterer, cool person in general.  Go to this party.  I snuck in for just a quick minute and things looked pretty lively over there!  Maybe soon it will start to trend.  Who knows?  I'm kind of interested!  Go check it out on Twitter!  Thanks to @BackpackingDad and for starting this phenomena and to A Daily Dose of Toni for her fun badge!
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