Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sportswear! This Company Definitely Has It!

 Have you been looking for practical, comfortable, dependable, stylish sportswear?  Then Athletica.net is the right place to go!  I ran into this good company a few weeks back and got it confused with another company with a very similar name.  I know, sometimes I amaze myself with how I'm even functioning at any kind of level!  I finally have it figured out.  Athletica.net has everything to do with great sportswear for your body!  

I was excited to get a yoga outfit, the combed cotton cami and the combed cotton basic jazz pant. I ordered it in medium and I absolutely love it!  But even more interesting is my husband really loves it.  There's kind of a story here.  When I first received it in the mail, I immediately went and tried the items on, as I do whenever I receive something to wear via the mail.  (I love clothes!  I'm glad our society doesn't, as a rule, run around in the nude because then we wouldn't get to wear fun clothes!) 

I have learned to respect the practice of Yoga, but it's been awhile since I've done a really serious practice. (Maybe because I've been sitting on my arse blogging lately?) I know that my practice is not as intense as it used to be, simply because I can't do what I did before...  But Yoga is an amazing thing.  You can pretty much start wherever you are and just build from there.  Never be in competition with anyone but yourself!  

So these new yoga clothes were going to be my motivation to jump back into it and start getting my yoga back! I tried on the yoga outfit and wowsie!  I really thought I was a medium, but it just fit so tight, like a glove.  It wasn't really uncomfortable, but it showed every bulge I had.  I really must have put it on this winter but apparently was in so much denial.  I was in a foul mood after that.  

My husband came home, knocked on the locked door, I opened it, still in my yoga apparel. Now, he's a wise man.  He knew not to say one word, positive or negative. Whenever I come home from the hair salon or am in a new outfit, he knows that I am probably just getting used to how it looks and sometimes I may like it, but other times, I may be hating it.  So he's learned it's just best to wait a few hours or even until the next day to voice his opinion.  It's better for me (and him) that way!   

I was obviously not in a great mood, so he just let it go.  

The next day, however, he told me what he thought.  He LOVED it and he thought I looked "hot" standing there when I opened the door in it.  Who knew?  I certainly didn't!  Hot was and is not the first word that comes to mind when I see myself in that outfit! 

But I started to take a new look at the outfit. Hmmmm....yes, it did show all my bulges, but it also showed off some curvature too.  Maybe that was what he was talking about! 

Needless to say, today I took it out again, and this time did a whole hour long workout in it!  It was great!  I've almost got my yoga game back! 
Anyway, get ready because I will be having a giveaway from this great company, and will give you the scoop on it!  I MAY even give you a picture, if I'm brave enough.  Just know, my hubby was a real cutie and although the yoga outfit is great, sometimes it takes a great husband to make you feel your best!


Sportswear Icon said...

Great post, I checked out that site. It's really nice :)

mandala said...

I used to dance a lot before but stopped but have been planning to doing Yoga. I checked out the site and love the clothes - esp the women's dance tee

kenziesmum said...

Great review and I checked out their site - as an avid yoga lover it looks like they have some really awesome stuff!

Tina B. said...

-I love Athletica.net's yoga clothes!
I work with developmentally & physically challenged people and I often wear sportswear to work since I stoop, bend and lift so much. Yoga clothes are comfortable and appropriate for my line of work so
Athletica.net is a great find for me! Thanks for the terrific review!

Subscription Box Girl said...

I never heard of them before but have since checked them out. I wear a lot of yoga and workout clothes but not to workout in. :)

Nelsby said...

Thanks so much for your thorough review! Even if I do not win the giveaway, I am planning on making a purchase from Athletica -- I just love their workout / yoga clothing! Your discussion about yoga has inspired me as well. I have always wanted to try it, but worried that I wouldn't be any good and/or would have trouble picking it up.

Money Saving Maine-iac said...

What an honest moment between a husband and wife. ;) It is amazing how someone else's view can change perception.

Natalie A. said...

I love Athletica clothing! Have a great weekend!

Deanna said...

note to self: athletica clothes run small

LAMusing said...

You have a very wise husband :)