Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Misikko Hana Professional Flat Iron Pink Edition Review

When I received the Misikko package in the mail, I stared at it and it stared back at me.  It went on like this for a week before I finally opened it.  My experience with flat irons is a mixed reviews one. While I have never owned one for myself, I have gone and had my hair done where they have been used. Sometimes I liked it and other times I felt like my hair got overdone.  I finally got to the point where it was going to be me using one myself or not at all, because I didn't like the way my hair looked about half of the time. I guess I'm getting pickier in my over-35ishness. So when this chance came, I was a little bit nervous.  After all, who am I to think I could do my own hair better than a trained beautician?

Finally, I opened the box and it was so beautifully packaged that I was immediately won over! What company sends you scented roses included in the packaging?  There was also a free heat proof mat for my flat iron and a heat proof sleeve for transporting purposes!  But that's not all, I received a 2 oz. size sample of Hana Shine Shield with jojoba oil and panthenol for leave-in style protection and  shine, a booklet with instructions and information about my flat iron and a small satin bag with hand sanitizer and nail grooming accessories.  Wow!  Now that's what I call Customer Service.  I'd like to say thank you right now for all of that.  Now I feel bad for not opening the package for so long!
Next came the time to do my hair myself.  I have thick, wavy hair that has gotten dry recently.  It's a real pain to keep it up and I find myself looking at women who look like they have naturally healthy hair and wonder if they can just roll out of bed with it looking wonderful, like that.  Or do they use flat irons?  Not sure.  But that is the kind of look I'd like, at least occasionally.  Like I said, I'm picky about my hair.  I don't like my hair to be totally straight in front.  But the back can be as straight as it can be and I won't mind.  So how did my hair turn out the first time I used the Hana Professional 1" Flat Iron?  I was VERY encouraged.  The back of my hair was straight but I didn't straighten the front all the way, just enough to tame it down. I liked how it made my hair look healthier and shinier!

All in all, I was very pleased and excited about my first try with the Hana 1" Flat Iron (Pink Edition) and I'd just like to thank Misikko for the chance to see for myself what a great quality flat iron can do!  Incidentally, this particular flat iron is rated Best Flat Iron and is on sale for $118.98 with free shipping!  Knowing now what I know, I feel it's one of the best beauty investments you can make!  Also, on their website is a number for free individual styling and hair advice from a professional! In addition, Missiko has a full range of professional hair dryers!  I feel that this is the route to go when selecting a new hair implement because of the customer service, the great prices and the high quality of the products!  So I've got my eye on the T3 Tourmaline Evolution Dryer and the FHI Heat Digital 1 " Curling Iron for my next hair conquests!


Frugal Science Gal said...

I think there is definitely a trick to using a straightner to where you don't get burned out using it all the time.

Frugal Science Gal

stacey dempsey said...

it is nice to hear your comments about their customer service, always good to know that about a company, sometimes i would rather pay more to get good service, and with this company you dont even have to pay more to get it GREAT !!

Unknown said...

Sounds like they have great customer service always nice to know, and all the extra goodies is always nice and makes u feel like u recieved a good deal. I have thick hair so i know the time it takes wow it sure makes the hair look shiny, is that the spray?
Thanks for the review
calvert0 at telus dot net

renee said...

I have learned new techniques via my daughter for different hairstyles with the staightener, we evern did her hair in ringlets with it and the shine shield by misikko is amazing!

Jonnie (JB) said...

Awesome review! Your hair looks great. I'm eyeing up that T3 Tourmaline Evolution Dryer too. My hair takes forever to dry with the dryer I have now.

A GAL NEEDS... said...

Thanks for the comments ladies! That was my very first time doing my hair and I think it works even better now!

Andrea said...

I love the extras that they sent with it, what a great idea, and so nice when you open the package, I have benn eyeing one of these for a while.