Sunday, May 2, 2010

Famous Last Words! I Hate Entering Contests On Wordpress!

I, personally, will never switch to Wordpress!  Yes, I understand it's the supposed greatest piece of shiz to hit the bloggy world.  But try to enter a contest with Wordpress.  Geez!  It's like the Wordpress police are always riding you to post your life history before each comment that you make. Also, if you post at any speed at all, there's Wordpress, telling you you're posting too fast.  And then tonight, I was posting my entries in a nice little contest and I was told that I looked like a spammer and to please punch in the magic letters before I could go further.  I did so, and then it told me that I had posted this comment before.  Hello?  It's a multiple entry comment.  Do I now need to be creative and say something new and different in each multiple entry giveaway comment?  How many ways can I say "I blogged"?  I did blog this!  I therefore blogged my arse off for this!  I will now declare that I heretoforewith blogged this! etc. etc. ARGGGGGH!  Next, it just shut me down in the middle of my entries and told me to contact the blog administrator because I had used up my comment privileges.  Crap!  I'm never going to enter a giveaway on a Wordpress Stream again. (Those indeed were famous last words - I enter WordPress contests all the time, although they still aren't my favorites!  I have learned to multi-task while I'm waiting for the comment to sync and I can submit another comment!)  I would never put my own readers through what I had and do go through every time I enter a giveaway hosted with Wordpress.  Thanks, I'll keep my Blogger-owned blog and trust that they will be more polite to those who visit here.

On an aside note, I understand the need for security on a website that does monetary transactions.  Wordpress is a good bet for someone who does that, based on all the red tape I have to go through just to enter a giveaway.  But even that has failures. I know of a Wordpress Website Builder, Suzanne Bird-Harris,  who has several clients that have had their sites hacked.  One of these clients had to have her site rebuilt 3 different times.  I imagine she didn't like the bill for that. 

The best way to avoid hacks into any site where you go to get or give secure information is to have great passwords that you change regularly.  I know, it's such a pain, but it's the safest way.  You can do it easier by having a combination of CAPITAL LETTERS, lower case letters, numbers, special characters (#$^@$&$&*),  and at least 8 characters long.  To make the hassle a little easier, you can use add-ons such as SECURE LOGIN for Firefox and other such programs that automatically load and remember all your passwords.
Update 6/21/12 - These days, most of the giveaways I enter are done on Rafflecopter.  I, too, have switched over to this nifty little gadget.  Entering is a snap and because of it, more people are enticed to enter!  Practically gone are the days of low-entry giveaways, although there are still some to be found.  But he new definition of a low-entry giveaway is anything under 1200 entries!  



~SHANNON~ said...

Haha!! I just switched to wordpress recently- sure hope I don't get hacked- I'd cry! But as for giveaways on wordpress....YOU JUST WON ONE!! lol. So I guess it was worth all that filling out;)

Am emailing you as well- need you to email me your address, and thought you might get this faster:)

Thanks for entering!
Shan :)

A GAL NEEDS... said...

Well, there you go! Famous last words. Maybe I'll endure the hardship IF it is a super great giveaway, like yours was! Thanks very much!

Barbara Palermo said...

Thanks for the tips: in fact, my password was really too simple!!!!

Mehnaz Kapadia said...

Oh My! I can so very well connect with what u r saying here! I dont like Wordpress too! Though yeah i do enter giveaways which have wordpress and i too find other things to do while i have to wait to post the next comment! And yeah that duplicate comment thingy, that really annoys me! The best one till date i have found is the rafflecopter! Its seriously soo super easy! And yes, this blogspot thing has no problem too! I am happy with these! :)

pridelandmama said...

Hahaha! I hear you, I hate entering contests with wordpress too. I am always "posting comments too fast".

Jennifer R. said...

Yeah always telling me I am posting too fast! I love Google Chrome,a million tabs open at one time, none affects the other. Multi tasking while I wait for Word Press!