Thursday, May 20, 2010

Synergy Kombucha - The Natural Energy Drink

Kombucha is an ancient Chinese drink making a renewed appearance as a healthy drink that has many benefits!  Many people make it at home from a sort of starter called a mushroom, mother, or scoby. It is widely available in Health Food Stores and the raw, organic sections of grocery stores. 

The scientific and pharmaceutical communities have not been overly enthusiastic about conducting controlled studies on Kombucha because, for one reason, of a fear that it won't be profitable for them, since it can be produced relatively inexpensively and cannot be patented. However, there have been extensive testimonials and informal studies done, as well as a few promising preliminary scientific studies. An early 1996 survey conducted by Colleen Allen and written by Ariana Estelle Ph.D, resulted in a variety of health benefit claims from over 600 people who used it worldwide.  Among the claims were an 81% feeling of general well being, 30% success with weight loss, 82% resistance to colds and flues. These are just a few of the health claims made by these varied users.  Now in 2010, there are over 3 million people who are benefiting from the goodness of Kombucha!

I believe that if you give Kombucha a try, you'll love it!  That's why I am excited to introduce you to Millenium Products' 'Synergy' Raw & Organic Kombucha!  Not long ago, I did a Review on Kombucha, where I tried it for the first time.  I now drink Kombucha on a regular basis, as a drink of choice!  The taste has grown on me as well as some beneficial effects I've noticed!  I definitely have more energy and clarity of thought. It may be a little early to tell about some of the other effects I am experiencing.  But the taste has definitely grown on me.  It is naturally effervescent but not carbonated, so I feel like I'm drinking a soft drink, but not getting all of the negative effects that carbonated drinks have. I really like the Synergy drinks because they are raw and organic, 95% pure Kombucha with 5% real fruit juice added to give variety.  I love some of the flavors they have.  I'm drinking the Divine Grape on ice as I post this giveaway!

GET IT:  Find out where you can get Synergy Raw & Organic Kombucha by going to their website and finding your state.  They provide a list of all the stores in your state where Synergy Kombucha is available.

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