Monday, March 15, 2010

Green Ruby Designs Giveaway Winner

I'm excited to announce the winner, selected by, of the Green Ruby Designs Giveaway!  It is #31, Natalie, from The Adventures Of Paul and Natalie!  Yay, she has entered all of my giveaways and she's got a great blog going on, so I'm very happy that she got it!  Thanks to all who entered. 

I've got two giveaways coming shortly and just need to set them up.  It's hard sitting at the computer on gorgeous days like today, isn't it? I don't have a laptop and am kind of glad I don't b/c when I'm away from the PC, I want to be AWAY!  Did you know that blogging is very fattening?  It sure is!  So for right now, I'm signing off to go work my bootie out 'cause spring is right around the corner!  Now if I can just wake up with this new daylight saving time schedule.  I want to sleep in far too long!

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